Dr. Chandrashekhar Azad- Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Mumbai


Dr Chandrashekhar Azad Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon (MBBS, DDV, MD, DSA, DT, DFM, DNDP) heads one of the most experienced medical teams for hair transplants in the world, he is a medical advisor in various institutes across the country. He is on the top ladder in delivering the best advanced FUE hair transplant to his clients which includes various celebrities from the glamour industry and well-known business personalities etc.

  • Qualifications -MBBS (Rural Medical College)
  • PG in dermatology (DDV/MD), Mumbai
  • Advanced Diploma in Skin aesthetics, Trichology (GCTA, Australia)
  • MEDICAL DIRECTOR, One-stop hair care private limited
  • MEDICAL ADVISOR, Renewcell Cosmedica LLP
  • FACULTY, 6th International Cosmetic Medicine& Surgery Symposium
  • FACULTY, Mid Dermacon Vashi 2017
  • FACULTY, 8th clinical dermatology Congress, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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The most advanced hair transplant technology in india performed only by the most celebrated hair transplant surgeon in india DR. CHANDRASHAKHAR based out of Mumbai we are specialised in male hair transplant, female hair transplant ,beard and moustache transplant, where you receive optimal density with 100% natural result without any scar and the result is guaranteed for lifetime

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Semi-automatic device less than 0.9mm where the follicles are extracted and kept in a temperature which helps them to grow faster after implantation NO CUTS, NO STITCHES,NO SCARS, PAINLESS PROCEDURE

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Hair follicles are implanted directly into the area of the bald patch one by one in proper angle depth & direction with the help of implanters less than 1mm NO PRE HOLES, NO PRE SLIT

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Tiny strokes are made in the areas of scanty eyebrows with the help of organic pigments which mimick the existing hair to give a flawless eyebrow

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With the help of special instruments organic pigments are implanted into the upper dermis resulting in stimulating hair follicles & providing a denser look in the thinning areas. This option can also be chosen as an alternative method alone or in combination with Hair Transplant.

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The most advanced hair transplant technology in india performed only by the most celebrated hair transplant surgeon in india DR. CHANDRASHAKHAR based out of Mumbai

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What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant Is the extraction of follicles from the donor area and implantation in the area of the bald patch When performed by an experienced & qualified surgeon in sterile aseptic condition the outcome of a hair transplant is flawless

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FAQ Hair Transplant

The surgery in CSHT is performed only by an experienced dermatologist, the assistant will not touch the scalp of the client

Different methods of hair transplant are -

FUT – a strip of skin is removed from the safe donor area, the follicles are harvested from the strip removed and implanted in the area of the bald patch with the help of needles and forceps 

FUE – the follicles are extracted from the donor area and implanted into the area of the bald patch with the help of needles and forceps in a preformed slit

ADVANCED FUE [CSHT] – the follicles are extracted with a semi-automatic device of less than 0.9mm and the implantation is done by the pen-like instruments [implanters] of less than 1mm in the area of the bald patch with proper angle, depth and direction.

In CSHT hair transplant is a one-day procedure of 3-8 hours, including breaks in between depending on the no. of follicles needed
In CSHT hair transplant, one can achieve undetectable natural-looking results, as it is performed by an experienced dermatologist whose expertise has come after thousands of surgeries since 2014
there is no complication involved in the surgery,
One can start routine activities after surgery from the next day onwards, but avoid, the gym, dusty environment, hot sunny atmosphere, sweating, for 1 week and swimming for 1 mth
The graft is a bunch of follicles, it may be single, double, triple, or quadruple follicles
It depends on the personal choice you can opt for the shaven and unshaven technique, whereas a female hair transplant is always an unshaven technique
Check up is needed for the progress of hair growth in 15 days, 6 mth and 1 year, online consultation or pic is sufficient
In a hair transplant for the optimum density 40-60 hair/sq.cm is needed, but anyways for more density, second sitting can be done
Yes transplant can be done at any stage of baldness from grade1 to grade7 and the existing hair can be protected with medical management
FUE extraction is by bigger size punches which leave a moth-eaten appearance on the donor area and implantation is done by the pre-formed slits where the direction and angle of the implantation are not under the control. ADVANCED FUE – extraction is done by the semi-automatic device of 0.9mm which hardly leaves any mark in the donor area and the implantation is done by the implanters of 1mm where angle, depth and direction is well controlled, the follicles are placed in such a way single follicle at the hairline, double, triple follicles is placed at the area were density is needed this gives a natural look
The success rate in advanced FUE is almost more than 95% because we follow NO TOUCH TECHNIQUE, and grafts are placed in a solution and temperature which increases the survival of follicles
We count each and every follicle and make sure that transparency is maintained throughout the procedure